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Testimonals from our Guest Book:

Wonderful! Had a fabulous day,I don't want to leave!
Emma Rigby - Hollyoaks actress

Calm relaxing atmosphere, all staff were lovely and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Thank you.
Milly Worthington - Actress (Hollyoaks)

Fantastic! I loved everything, I hope to see you all again most definitely.
Jorgie Porter Actress (Hollyoaks)

I just wanted to say thanks you so much, its sounds silly but you have changed my life after my 2 colonic's. SE.

The results after my first treatment were fantastic - my whole body felt re-hydrated & my skin fresh and full. Now after no.3 I feel my mind has been cleansed as well as my body, I feel unbunged!

Thank you for your professionalism & making me feel so at ease - especially the first time we met. Irene.

Amazing - best day of my life! Extremely friendly and professional at all times, an 11/10 day!!
Melissa Walton Actress (Hollyoaks)



Therapists at the Milton Keynes Colonic Clinic

 Tracey Dell (I-ACT MCHA) is the main colonic therapist at Milton Keynes.

 With over 7 years of colonic experience behind her Tracey has earned a reputation of offering   comfortable and effective treatments. Tracey is qualified through I-ACT (The International Association for Colon Hydrotherapy) which is one of the certifying associations for Colon Hydrotherapists around the world.

Tracey chose to qualify with I-ACT as they provide training not only in Europe but also established the training standard and guidelines for colonic therapists in America. The training and practices have to be second to none as America is one of the most litigious countries in the world. I-ACT also has an ongoing training and mentoring programme and Tracey is one exam away from being coming an I-ACT instructor.  

Often approached by the media Tracey has appeared on various television and radio programmes. Tracey has worked on BBC 1's Children In Need's edition of Celebrity Scissor Hands as well as various documentaries and health and lifestyle programmes.

"Working with the BBC is always a challenge" says Tracey, "the exacting requirements thay have for both therapist and the actual procedure are extremely high (as they should be) and I was delighted to be approached by the BBC to work with them. If was a great privilige to receive such a vote of confidence from them"

Tracey can be seen on the Living TV documentary 'Living with Jade' which shows the Clinic team setting up the fitness and detox Boot Camps with Jade Goody.

Having studied colonics both in the UK and abroad, Tracey also advises clients on nutrition, lifestyle and detox methods clients can use at home between treaments. Having 'endured' the Thai detox in Koh Samui of fasting for a week and 2 self administered colonics a day Tracey has experienced just about every detox there is, but also has a realistic approach to modern day life and peoples eating habits.

Tracey knows that many people will be unable to follow strict eating regimes in todays world and can advise on easy methods of supporting the bodys immune and cleansing systems without the need to completely change your shopping list. However, if you want a fresh start and new approach to life we do that too!

 Jacquey Savory (BIAET BCMA ITEC MIFPA) has been a complementary therapist
 since 1991 and is our allergy and intolerance therapist.

Jacquey has always been passionate about helping people to better health using natural means wherever possible and uses two methods of testing, the Bio Impedance Measurement system and muscle testing as recommended by the British Institute of Allergy and Environmental Therapy.

Your programme is specific to you and your particular issues and treatment may include Homeopathy, Isopathic desensitisation, Nutritional and herbal support. For a more indepth description of what is involved please click here.   

 Sally Gordon has been in practice since 2002 having completed 4 years training at The Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London.

We are very lucky to have Sally working with us as not only is she a member of the British Association for Nutritional Therapists (BANT) but she spent six years tutoring at the Institute and is a Clinical Practice tutor at Premier Global. She is a member of The British Association for Nutritional Therapists (BANT).

Sally has long held the belief that nutrition is the key to good health and vitality. This belief was consolidated when her positive mental attitude and a healthy body pulled her through the traumas and shocks of a severe horse riding accident, aiding total recovery.

Many companies now recognise the link between health and performance and regularly run Stress Management Workshops for employees. Eating the right food can help us to improve brain function and fortify our bodies to cope with stressful situations. Recognising this need Sally presents Nutrition modules which can be included in Stress Management Workshop’s.

Recognising this Sally presents Nutrition modules which can be included in Workshops.

 Christian Baker is a qualified and internationally registered hypnotherapist, he is a member of the National Council for Hypnotherapy in the UK , and also a member of the National Guild of Hypnotists in America (the largest and oldest hypnosis organisation in the world).

 Christian has been practising for over 8 years and as part of his commitment to ongoing professional development he continues to take training courses on a regular basis. A popular figure with our celebrity clients Christian can be seen on both BBC and Living TV on various programmes.  

Helping people to overcome their limitations and enhance their quality of life with more confidence is one of Christians favorite pastimes, he uses an integrated approach of Therapy and Coaching, which incorporates Hypnotherapy, NLP and Professional Life Coaching to assist clients achieve their goals and discover their full potential as quickly as possible.

As with all our therapists Christians' service is completely confidential, he offers fast effective safe solutions to help you stop the things you don't want and start to enjoy and achieve the things you do!

All treatments rooms have been specifically designed for their purpose and include ensuite bathrooms to ensure your privacy and comfort. Working from professional clinic premises within a beautiful barn conversion less than 5 minutes from Milton Keynes city centre, clients are safe in the knowledge that all hygeine and health and safety requirements are adhered to as well as providing a relaxing and comfortable treatment.