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Testimonals from our Guest Book:

Wonderful! Had a fabulous day,I don't want to leave!
Emma Rigby - Hollyoaks actress

Calm relaxing atmosphere, all staff were lovely and made me feel very comfortable and at ease. Thank you.
Milly Worthington - Actress (Hollyoaks)

Fantastic! I loved everything, I hope to see you all again most definitely.
Jorgie Porter Actress (Hollyoaks)

I just wanted to say thanks you so much, its sounds silly but you have changed my life after my 2 colonic's. SE.

The results after my first treatment were fantastic - my whole body felt re-hydrated & my skin fresh and full. Now after no.3 I feel my mind has been cleansed as well as my body, I feel unbunged!

Thank you for your professionalism & making me feel so at ease - especially the first time we met. Irene.

Amazing - best day of my life! Extremely friendly and professional at all times, an 11/10 day!!
Melissa Walton Actress (Hollyoaks)



Colonic Irrigation and Cleansing Menu

We are open daytime, evenings and weekends and offer various packages and cleansing programmes as well as colonics. 

Your therapy is tailor made to your requirements following completion of a detailed questionnaire which we discuss with you at your appointment.  

Please check the contra-indications before booking to ensure you are suitable for Colonics. If you are unsure feel free to contact us.

If you would like a specific mixture of therapies please get in touch and we will be pleased to mix the right ingedients together for you.  

Colonic Menu

One colonic, £80 or £70
if recommended by an existing client. Your session will last an hour and includes the consultation, colonic and abdominal massage when appropriate. 

Two colonics within a week , £140 -
suitable for weight loss clients and those requiring
a quicker result for bloating and constipation issues. Two sessions of an hour each. For the purposes of the package we call a week Monday to Monday, Tuesday to Tuesday etc. This helps you come in to see us on a day that works for you each week, if for example you have a regular day off in the week. Please note that time off work is not required after a colonic, you can continue your day as normal!   

Super Colonic - £95 or £170 for 2 sessions within a week. This is our preferred therapy for all clients. This includes a probitoic implant at the end of your colonic. This is painless (as is the colonic!) and easily administered. The probitoic is absorbed into the body, initially into the intestinal tract giving you a concentrated infusion of bacteria to help rebalance and replace any 'good bacteria' that has been flushed from the body during the colonic.
This is ideal for any clients who suffer with bloating or Candida. Many of our clients that we see for the first time would agree that they have an imbalance of bacteria in their system through years of eating the wrong foods, stress which affects our immune sytem, past illnesses and medication which can affect the flora in our bodies. 

We almost always recommend that a probiotic supplement is taken orally after a colonic for a specific period of time. However the probiotic implant delivers the probitic direct to the areas we have been hydrating and gives the flora an immediate boost.   

9 Day Weight loss programme, from £109.
  You can do this as a stand alone package without colonics, or add in the colonics for a potential increased weight loss and 'feel good' factor.

For £109 you get the Clean 9 box which gives you a 9 day programme for intensive weight loss and reduction in bloating. This includes 3 bottles of Aloe Vera drinking gel, vanilla or chocolate shake mix, Garcinia Plus tablets, Bee Pollen tablets and a measuring tape and shaker bottle. The Garcinia Plus helps raise the metabolism, the shakes are nutritionally balanced and add to that 'not hungry' feeling and the Bee Pollen tablets boost your energy and keep you 'buzzing' through the day!

The first 2 days are intense and the 7 days after that are a joy! You eat one meal a day plus the shakes and supplements and because it's only for 9 days and you can see an end to your diet you keep it up and keep going! Once you start to see the pounds fall off you won't want to stop!

For £248 you get the clean 9 box plus 2 colonics plus a free coffee enema and probiotic implant. For the best results you must take the colonics just before starting and just after finishing the 9 day programme.   

The average weight loss we have seen at our clinic is between 10 pounds and a stone in 9 days with great cellulite reduction. Here is Rochelles story.

Colon Massage, £70 - an hours colonic massage including Lymphatic drainage, and a range of massage and holding techniques to work the different abdominal fascia and connective tissues. This may help with bloating and trapped gas, fluid retention and trapped matter (constipation).

Half hour colon massage £40 - including Lymphatic drainage, vibrational massage and a range of massage and holding techniques to work the different abdominal fascia and connective tissues. This may help with bloating and trapped gas, fluid retention and trapped matter (constipation).

The Colonic Detox (or Kick Start) package, £140 - Colonic Irrigation, half hour Colon Massage, Aqua detox and Dietary review. Session lasts approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours. We normally expect this package to provide a very good start for clients who want to reduce bloating or are suffering with constipation.

The Juicing and Colonic session, £155 -
Colonic Irrigation, 1/2 hour Colon Massage, Aqua detox and Dietary review, 3 freshly made juices from organic fruits, vegetables and berries, detoxing and juicing recipes to take away. Session last approximately 2 to 2 1/2 hours.

This package is ideal for those looking for a fresh start, who are new to juicing and want to learn new habits. 

Terminally Ill clients, FREE

We offer free colonic sessions for clients referred by their pallative care nurse. These are for terminally ill clients suffering with bowel and digestive issues caused by pain relief medication, chemotherapy, radiation or disease

Appointments are discretionary and subject to availability. Each individual case must be discussed with Tracey Dell prior to booking.    


What can a Colonic do for me?

Colonic irrigation (colonic hydrotherapy) is a gentle internal bath using warm, purified water that can help to eliminate stored faecal matter, gas, mucus and toxic substances from the colon.

A colonic can help with:

# Allergies and intolerances
# Irritable bowel syndrome I B S
# Constipation
# Diarrhoea
# Flatulence
# Bloating
# Skin problems
# Headaches
# Candida (thrush / yeast infections)

Many people feel better all over, as well as lighter and more comfortable. A colonic is also a great kick-start to a diet or detox program. Check out the testimonials on the left!

Additional benefits can often be observed throughout the body in the form of clearer skin, more energy and mental clarity, fewer headaches, with circulatory, immune and weight problems often improving, amongst many other positive side effects.

At The Milton Keynes Colonic Clinic many of our patients are referred by their GP or alternative therapist, particularly those suffering from I B S All our colonic therapists are fully qualified by I-ACT (The International Association of Colonic Hydrotherapists), the International Association of Colonic Therapists, which gives other health professionals added confidence when recommending our services.

What's so great about colonic hydrotherapy?

Colonic irrigation washes away encrusted waste matter that you can't always get rid of yourself. It can also hydrate the bowel and the rest of the body, helping improve digestion, improve energy levels, reduce bloating and improve constipation.

Are colonics safe?

At our clinic yes! Colonic irrigation has been around for hundreds of years, since 1500 BC, and thousands of colonics have been given safely. The water is pre-filtered and only enters the body using gravity pressure, so it's a gentle procedure.

We believe that everyones colonic treatment is very personal, and at The Milton Keynes Colonic Clinic your treatment is tailored to meet your individual needs.


The treatment itself is very clean, without any smell.

All equipment is disinfected using hospital approved disinfecting solutions, which kill all viruses, bacteria and fungi to remove any possibility of cross-contamination between clients - an essential precaution in our opinion.

We believe that the cleaning protocol used at our clinic far exceeds client expectations of what is neccesary. Although the colonic procedure is extremely clean all surfaces in the treatment room that could have been touched by a patient are disinfected between treatments, including door handles.

We offer you the options of pre-packed and sterilised speculums or autoclaved speculums. Please feel free to discuss this with your therapist at your appointment.

What happens when I come for an appointment?

We will have sent you a medical questionnaire beforehand to give you plenty of time to fill it out at home.

The therapist will go through your information, explain the procedure, and if appropriate continue with the treatment.

The colonic itself takes about 40 minutes during which time water is gently introduced into the colon via the rectum. The therapist may also use special massage techniques to stimulate the release of stored matter. Your modesty is preserved at all times.

The therapist can also advise you of any dietary changes which will help to enhance your treatment. At the end of the treatment we give you a probiotic to help maintain the good bacteria in your bowel and support your immune system.

Is having a colonic embarrassing?

No. You're covered by a large towel during the treatment. We prefer not to use blankets as it would be impractical to launder or dry clean these between each treatment. All towels are laundered after each treatment.

How large is the tube?

A lot smaller than everyone anticipates! The speculum is inserted about an inch into the body and is actually quite comfortable.

How often should I have a colonic treatment?

It very much depends on your reason for wanting colonics in the first place. On average, most people find that at least two treatments within two weeks is best to start off with but obviously this is not a question we can confidently answer before your consultation and first colonic!

During your first treatment you will have approximately 10 gallons of water gently washed in and out, and the therapist will use various water temperatures to see what works best for you.

On your second treatment you will have a between 15 and 20 gallons as your body is more used to the detox.

After that your therapist will recommend when, and if, further treatments are required. Although colonics are not habit forming we prefer not to treat you too often, preferring to give you advice on how you can maintain a healthy colon at home.

How do I book?

Telephone is best, we strongly recommend that you book your first two treatments when you ring to ensure you get the appointments you want. Contact us on 0845 475 0606.

Is there anyone who shouldn't have a colonic?

Anyone with any ongoing medical issues should check with us before making an appointment. The most common conditions that would preclude you from having a colonic are high or low blood pressure, severe anaemia, ulcerative colitis, bleeding piles, anal fissures, some recent surgical procedures or pregnancy. If you are unsure please ring us.

Where are you?

We are in a beautiful barn conversion just off Junction 14 of the M1. For more information visit our directions page.

The practice is within easy reach of Milton Keynes, Rushden, Bedford, Olney, Newport Pagnell, Bedfordshire, Woburn, Luton and Buckinghamshire.

Contact us on 0845 475 0606